Sparrow methodology

Nonstop detection, monitoring, and analysis are required


We install a Sparrow Node on any public transportation or municipal vehicle. By linking its GPS position and each measurement timestamp, we create a highly accurate environmental map of the city
Sparrow Node - Hardware
  • Easy "Plug & Forget" vehicle mounting
  • Use any circulating public transport
  • Immediate data collection and results
GPS + Time + Parameters
  • Precise GPS coordinates
  • Each sampling is time-stamped
  • Various data sets (air, roads, noise …)
Map of City Hotspots
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Custom maps with "heat islands"
  • Integrated API for existing maps

Sparrow Node

We equip any public transport with a Sparrow Node. By linking the GPS position and Timestamp for each measurement, we create a highly accurate environmental map of the city
Trusted data:
Sparrow nodes are constantly calibrated and validated for best performance using Cities reference stations
Air Pollution
  • Particulate Matter: PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10
  • Toxic Gases: NO2, O3, CO2, CO
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure
Road Quality
  • Determining surface smoothness (IRI)
  • Bumps and potholes detection (SDV)
Noise Pollution
  • Exposure and noise mapping
  • Noisy event detection
System info
  • Accelerometer Data
  • Precise GPS and Timestamp
  • 3/4/5G Quality of the Network
  • Interval: Gas-1 min., PM-10 sec.
  • Operational from -30 up to +50 C°


Incorporate Big Data into urban development strategy for cleaner and sustainable future
Pollution source
  • Determining pollution source
  • Particle, greenhouse and toxic gases
  • Urban traffic and congestion
  • Construction and industry compliance
Pollution behavior
  • Tracking pollutant behavior
  • Verifying anomalies
  • Hotspot maps
  • Pollutant definition
  • Correlation modeling
  • AI implementation


We work in complete confidentiality and trust with the municipal authorities of the Сity

Analyse and Include clear identification of the presence of pollution

The City will have access to
  • Real-time and Historical Data
  • A flexible and adopted API integration
  • Fully confidential and encrypted
  • Supported “Open-Data” approach
Cross sectors benefits
  • Cross data approach
  • Air and Noise pollution departments
  • Transport and Road Quality
  • Environmental Policymakers
  • Forecast and Prediction
Environmental monitoring 
and management turnkey solutions for Cities
We design and build networks of mobile sensors to scan cities,
 collect and analyze environmental data

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