Sparrow sees collaboration and partnership as the most important factor in development.

We encourage companies, NGOs and individuals who want to change life in our cities for the better right now to contact us and start this journey together.

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“The knowledge can be augmented only by exchange of experience and know-how”
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Join cities that have sparrows and will have sparrows at street level.

Air Quality

Sparrow is committed to partnering with all air pollution-related companies to provide the best possible solutions for the city and residents.


Sparrow works with the best telecommunications providers to ensure the best possible communication and data delivery.


We sincerely believe that only in full cooperation with academia can we provide reliable results in many areas, especially air pollution and noise. 

We are eager to collaborate with more universities and other centers to join our forces to conduct the best research and implement it in real life.

Smart Cities

As part of ITU-T SG20 on smart and sustainable cities, Sparrow is fully dedicated to developing standards for cities to become smart, but more importantly, better places to live.

Geographical and Environment

Our presence in cities and urban areas is always about geographic presence.


It is impossible to offer comprehensive solutions to cities without being fully coordinated, approved and certified by government and administrative bodies. Sparrow has developed a perfectly adaptable tool that can be used without any risk at the government level.


Become our technical partner and give Sparrow your best knowledge, experience and support.


Our presence in cities and urban areas is always about geographic presence.

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